A dose every six months keeps the divorce lawyer away

Can MDMA Save a Marriage?

A couple was on the verge of getting divorced until they took MDMA together for the first time.

The wife, Ree, said her husband couldn’t open up to her or deal with conflict, but MDMA helped them see eye-to-eye.

“My husband started sharing with me for the first time all these thoughts and emotions,” Ree said. “It was him without the walls.”

They decided to take MDMA together twice a year and go over a list of issues they want to address. Three years later, their marriage is solid and they can communicate openly without the need for drugs.

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Psychedelics → power?

Psychedelic-laced beer may have helped this ancient South American empire rule

An ancient South American empire called the Wari Empire may have used a hallucinogenic beer to maintain its power.

The Wari people brewed a beer-like drink with seeds from the vilca tree, which contain a psychedelic compound called bufotenin (one of the substances found in toad venom!). 

Archeologists believe that Wari leaders served the drink at feasts to strengthen social connections with guests from surrounding regions. Guests likely had a euphoric or spiritual experience, compelling them to “acknowledge the power of their hosts or feel the need to owe them a favor in the future,” explains one archeology expert. 

Could this be why the empire maintained political control for hundreds of years? 🤔

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How psychedelics change your social life

How Do Psychedelics Change Your Personality? These Researchers Tried To Find Out

Researchers developed a personality model to test how psychedelics affect the qualities that help us build and maintain healthy relationships.

They discovered that after taking psychedelics, participants felt:

  • Less critical in their interactions with others,
  • Less anxious,
  • Less likely to get upset easily,
  • Greater feelings of social connectedness

How do you see psychedelics changing your relationships?

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How your attachment style affects your trip

Psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy might help to reduce attachment anxiety

A new study suggests that psilocybin therapy can make patients feel more secure in their relationships!

After undergoing individual therapy, group therapy, and a single psilocybin session, a group of 18 male AIDS survivors showed significantly reduced scores for attachment anxiety – an attachment style characterized by clinginess, fear of abandonment, and difficulty trusting others.

There were no significant changes in attachment avoidance, which is characterized by repressing emotions and discomfort with close relationships.

However, high attachment anxiety scores were associated with a greater chance of mystical experiences, whereas high attachment avoidance scores were linked to grief, fear, physical distress, and paranoia during the trip.

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