The largest psychedelic event in history

The Largest Psychedelic Medicine Business Event, Ever Wonderland: Miami

Curious about the latest advancements in psychedelic medicine, psychedelic retreats, microdosing, or the role of technology in the psychedelics sector? Then you won’t want to miss Microdose HQ’s Wonderland: Miami – the largest event psychedelic medicine business event to date!

The two-day event on Nov. 8-9 will have keynote presentations from some of the biggest names in the psychedelic sector including including Robin Carhart-Harris, Matthew W. Johnson, Rick Doblin, and David Nutt. Mike Tyson and Lamar Odon will also share their experiences with psychedelic healing.

The speakers will cover a huge range of unique topics such as Shamanic protocols for making investment decisions, psychedelics and sports, and the threat of corporate domination of the industry. Get your your ticket or virtual access pass here!