1 psilocybin therapy session = 12 months of therapy alone

Tryp Therapeutics Announces Results of First Patient Dosed in Its Phase II Clinical Trial for the Treatment of Binge Eating Disorder

Tryp Therapeutics (TRYP) and University of Florida initiated the first-ever psilocybin therapy study on binge eating disorder, and the results are already showing promise.

Just 4 weeks after receiving Tryp’s psilocybin formulation, TRP-8802, the first patient experienced:

  • Reduced overall anxiety
  • Reduced anxiety around food
  • Reduced compulsion to overeat
  • Improved self-image and confidence 
  • Significant weight loss

“We believe that the improvements witnessed in this patient following a single intervention with TRP-8802 in combination with tailored psychotherapy are on par with what might be possible in 12 months of extensive psychotherapy alone,” says Tryp’s Interim CEO and Chief Scientific Officer Jim Gilligan.

Researchers will follow up with the patient again in 8 weeks to see if the benefits are sustained. Up to 9 more patients will participate in the study as well.

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