The future of psychedelics, according to an expert

Where the Psychedelic Revolution Is Headed, According to the Guy Who (Arguably) Started It

Rick Doblin, a pioneer psychedelic researcher and activist, made some interesting predictions about the future of psychedelics in the US.

Here’s where he thinks the sector is headed:

  • MDMA will be FDA-approved by the end of 2023, with psilocybin following a year or two after.
  • By 2023 or 2024, there will be 6000+ psychedelic therapy clinics (there are currently about 1000). Every town with a hospice center will have enough demand for a psychedelic clinic.
  • By 2030, one million MDMA therapy sessions will have been administered by 25,000 trained therapists.
  • A licensed legalization model could be implemented around 2035 in which patients can earn a license to use psychedelics outside the clinic once undergoing a supervised session.

Doblin is hopeful that the tremendous impacts on mental health will result in a spiritualized society that “has finally come to the point of embracing global thinking, global humanity, and dealt with economic inequity.”

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