Women-focused psilocybin study for depression

A New Clinical Trial in South Africa Aims to Study the Effect of Psilocybin on HIV Positive Women with Major Depressive Disorder

Women are nearly twice as likely to be diagnosed with depression than men, but they’re often underrepresented in clinical trials.

Additionally, individuals with chronic illnesses like HIV often suffer from depression as well, which can make them less likely to adhere to their medications.

That’s why Cannsun Medicinal Global is investigating psilocybin as a treatment for depression in women who are HIV-positive.

The phase 2 trial received approval and will begin next month in South Africa.

“It is vitally important to have a deeper understanding of how women respond to medical treatment for major depression versus men in order to develop psychedelic therapies and treatment protocols for women that have clinically significant outcomes that are safe and effective,” says Donaghue Woodman, the company’s Head of R&D and Chief Medical Information Officer.

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