3 animals you never knew were psychedelic…

Psychedelic Fauna for Psychonaut Hunters: A Mini-Review

We bet you never knew that these animals could make you trip:

  • Ants: Red harvester ants have been used as a “ritual intoxicant” by at least 7 indigenous Californian groups. Boys and men would swallow hundreds of live ants to induce visions of “dream helpers” to gain shamanic powers. Read more about the ritual here.
  • Sea sponges (yes they are animals): Some species of sea sponges contain two derivatives of DMT: 5-Bromo-DMT and 5,6-dibromo-DMT. 5-Bromo-DMT has been found to have a sedative and antidepressant effect in animal studies.
  • Fish: Many fish are known to be psychedelic. A species called Sarpa salpa can produce vivid auditory and visual hallucinations for 36 hours when ingested. 

The more you know!

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