Are shroom stocks about to blow up?

Elon Musk Acknowledges Therapeutic Potential Of Psychedelic Drugs: Will This Impact The Markets?

Elon Musk has been known to have a major influence on the stock market, with his Tweets causing Bitcoin and Dogecoin to skyrocket almost instantaneously. His latest interview could take shroom stocks to the moon 😉

In an interview with Ronan Levy, co-founder of Field Trip Health (FTRP), Musk was asked what role he thinks psychedelics have in “addressing some of the more destructive tendencies of humanity.”

Elon replied, “I think, generally, people should be open to psychedelics. A lot of people making laws are kind of from a different era, so I think, as the new generation gets into political power, I think we will see greater receptivity to the benefits of psychedelics.”

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