Vancouver, B.C. –  March 17, 2021: Better Plant Sciences Inc.(CSE: PLNT) (OTCQB: VEGGF) (FSE: YG3) (“Better Plant” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the launch of Jusu Home, a new eco-friendly line of household products, including a Rosewood Sweet Orange Laundry Detergent and a Sweet Orange Lime Stainless Steel Cleaner.

To round out the Jusu Home line, new Home Care Bundles are now available on Jusu’s  recently revamped website, Better Plant currently has 67 different  plant-based  Jusu Home and Body products for sale and plans to regularly launch new products from its extensive catalogue of proprietary formulas,  based on market and consumer data.

A campaign to promote Jusu Home products is underway to run  ad placements on Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley, and Nutrition Diva podcasts. Jusu Home products are available in Canada at and from trusted retailers such as Nature’s Way Holistic Health Center, Purple Carrot Health Foods and Wellness Inc., and The Cleaning Co-operative.

“The demand for hygiene and cleanliness products suitable for both residential and commercial spaces has been rising, and is expected to continue to rise,”  said Joelle Fiorito, Director  of Operations for Better Plant. “Jusu Home products are high-quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic, naturally fragrant, and contain no harmful chemicals. They function as a suitable eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical cleaners and bleaches, which can cause irritation.

Better Plant has increased research and development in this area and is focused on launching high-quality  eco-friendly goods.

“We have a loyal customer base that has guided us along the way with genuine feedback and love for our home cleaning products,”  said Joelle Fiorito. “Our long-time wholesale customers call us often just to say they don’t know what they would do without our products and that their customers feel the same. It’s an exciting time for Jusu not only because we have our long-term, loyal customers, but also because we are gaining new customers that have just as much love for our products.”

With this new product launch, is also getting a fresh new look with improved usability and eye-catching features. Notable features of the new eCommerce site include updated images and video content, improved U/X, and subscription services for customers to build their own bundles to reorder.

According to a report by Prophecy Market Insights, The global green cleaning products market accounted for US$ 3.9 billion in 2019 and is estimated to be US$ 11.6 billion by 2029 and is anticipated to register a CAGR of 11.8%.


About Jusu

Jusu Wellness Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Better Plant and it owns and operates Jusu,  a full spectrum wellness brand with a mission to enlighten consumers to the protective and effective properties of plant based products. Jusu is committed to making pure, organic, plant-based products for consumption, body and personal care. This includes one JUSU Bar location and brick-and-mortar juice bar franchise opportunities as well as an extensive direct-to-consumer product offering including cold-pressed juices, skin care and body products, aromatherapy and home cleaning lines. Jusu is fully dedicated to offering consumers healthier alternatives to currently available chemical-based skin care, edible, and beverage products.

To purchase Jusu Wellness products visit,  or follow @jusu on Instagram.


About Better Plant

Better Plant offers plant-based products for optimum health and wellness. It is a vertically integrated company with a team whose complementary experience enables acquisition, development, manufacturing, and direct-to-consumer distribution of its products. Its all-natural products vary from juice cleanses to home products to personal care products, all without chemicals or harmful ingredients. It has an extensive catalogue of over 400 proprietary plant-based product formulas. Better Plant currently has over 70 plant-based products for sale through eCommerce and/or in retail stores under the brands Jusu, Urban Juve, and Wright & Well. Better Plant also offers operational and support services to companies in which it has an equity interest. Better Plant also owns approximately 27.7% of NeonMind Biosciences Inc. (CSE:NEON).

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