Field Trip Psychedelics Inc. Introduces Trip, a Mobile App Designed to Expand Your Mind

Trip provides people with best-in-class tools and practices for those undertaking consciousness expanding activities such as meditation, breathwork and more.

NEW YORKSept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Field Trip Psychedelics Inc. (“Field Trip” or the “Company”), the company redefining mental health and well-being through its ground-breaking work in psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced psychotherapy, today announced the launch of its first-ever app, Trip. A first-of-its-kind app and experience, Trip allows people from anywhere in the world to access tools that support self-exploration and consciousness expansion through meditation, breathwork and more.

Trip blends modern understandings of neuroscience and psychology with the wisdom of experienced practitioners in meditation, breathwork and self-exploration. It supports users with intention setting, mood tracking, guided journaling and integration and personalized music that has been scientifically designed to help guide you through emotions associated with different intentions. Available now on iPhone and Android, Trip assists self-guided consciousness explorers to expand their minds, break from everyday thinking and develop a deeper connection to their emotions and psyche.

“As we began building out our network for Field Trip Health centers across North America, we saw that there is a large population of people who were keen to start, or were already actively, working with consciousness expansion and emotional processing through meditation, breathwork and legal natural or medically prescribed products. But they were often doing so by themselves and without proper support or understanding of best practices,” said Ronan Levy, Field Trip’s Executive Chairman. “So we decided to take the custom developed protocols that we were building for our Field Trip Health centers and make them available to a much broader audience. While Trip is not intended to be a substitute for properly supervised medical and psychological care, it leverages our best-in-class tools, and makes them available to anyone who may be working with consciousness-expanding practices.”

The user-friendly app allows users to start a ‘trip’ at the touch of a button and breaks the experience  into four stages: Preparation, Exploration, Reflection, and Integration. Each individual stage plays a crucial role in a user’s journey and is designed to help the users start the working of emotional processing and integration of what they experience in their consciousness expansion efforts.

The ‘Preparation’ stage helps users get centered and set an intention. The second stage, ‘Exploration,’ provides users with music that has been custom developed with LUCID, Inc. (a technology company that is developing AI-driven music experiences to support people’s mental health) and gives users the ability to record their experiences through voice memos and automatically save those with timestamps so they are easy to revisit at any time after the trip. The third stage, ‘Reflection,’ guides users through a set of structured questions to share and reflect on key insights or emotions that may have emerged during a trip, encouraging the emotional processing to begin. Finally, the ‘Integration’ enables users to revisit their experiences, and develop insights by aggregating data from recent trips.

The launch of the Trip app follows the recent opening of the company’s first stateside clinics in New York City and Los Angeles, after it opened its first location in Toronto, Ontario earlier this year.

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Field Trip is the world’s first mental wellness company at the forefront of the scientific re-emergence of psychedelics and psychedelic-enhanced therapies. With Field Trip Health centres opening across North America, and advanced research on plant-based psychedelics through Field Trip Discovery, we help people, from those in treatment to those seeking accelerated personal growth, with a simple, evidence-based way to heal and heighten engagement with the world.

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