Havn Life has joined the UK-based Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group (CDPRG), a group organized to benefit drug policy-making

The Havn Life Advisory Board adds Mr. King, a vocal advocate for drug policy reform and research.

Vancouver, BC – Havn Life Sciences Inc. (CSE : HAVN) (FSE : 5NP(the “Company” or “Havn Life”),  a biotechnology company focused on unlocking human potential using evidence-informed research and developing standardized psychoactive compounds derived from plants and fungi, is pleased to announce it has become a voting member of the Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group (CDPRG).

The Company is also pleased to announce that David King, director of research for CDPRG, has joined the Havn Life advisory board. King has co-authored several CDPRG white papers including ‘The UK Review of Medicinal Cannabis: The Needs of a Nation’ and ‘The Medicinal Use of Psilocybin: A call for reform.’ This year, King received the Dr Abbas Khan Medal by King’s College London for ‘outstanding humanitarian contributions to the service of society’.

He is also a founder of the Breaking Convention, Europe’s largest academic conference on psychedelic drug research, and was a founding director of the Breaking Convention charity from 2010 to 2019.

The CDPRG is a UK-based organization that assembles evidence from across the fields of medicine, law-enforcement, economics, ethics, criminology and human rights, for the benefit of drug policy-making. This year the CDPRG launched a campaign to reschedule psilocybin in the UK as part of their mission to provide greater access for research and medicinal purposes. Havn Life will commission 250 hours of work from CDPRG’s researchers.

“Being a part of the CDPRG global network of scientists allows us to utilize multidisciplinary expertise to develop psilocybin protocols that can have global impact,” says Tim Moore, Havn Life CEO. “Collaboration across fields allows us to move the needle. We are building a strong foundation of knowledge to develop a safe and reliable supply of naturally-derived psychedelic compounds for research”.

“As the clinical trial evidence for psychedelic therapies grows, it becomes increasingly clear that these interventions are safe, well-tolerated, and have the potential to change lives for the better, sometimes after only a single session,” says King. “We do not yet know what the real-world impact of these therapies will be, but there are good reasons to believe that we will be better equipped to treat some of the most difficult and burdensome conditions of the modern age, for which new approaches are desperately needed.”

King completed his undergraduate degree in medical anthropology in 2011, with a research thesis on beliefs and attitudes to health, illness and medicine among cannabis-using populations. He has also worked as a researcher at the Beckley Foundation and in immunology at the National University of Singapore.  King was the founding President of both the award-winning Psychedelics Society at the University of Kent and the Society for Psychedelic Studies at King’s College London.

King first met Havn Life Chief Psychedelic Officer Dr. Ivan Casselman when they both were students together at the School of Anthropology and Conservation, University of Kent, over ten years ago.

“I am delighted to be working with Dr. Casselman and the other members of the Havn Life team as they move from strength to strength,” King adds. “Their collective experience, acumen and energy is remarkable and I anticipate the group accomplishing a great deal in the years ahead.”

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