Microdosing: the solution all your problems

Meet the women who regularly microdose psychedelics

Three women struggling with mental health issues shared their life-changing experiences with microdosing.

One woman, Amber, was so depressed that everything felt dull and uninteresting, until she started microdosing. “When I microdosed for the first time I found myself noticing the beauty of the things around me again,” she says. She explains that microdosing is “akin to a child-like wonder” and makes her feel “more positive, open-minded and creative but still completely functional and sober”.

Bea finds that microdosing three times per week acts as a natural mood booster and study aid, brings her mental clarity, and helps her organize her life. She says she’s now able to be her true, stable self and is no longer the “people-pleasing, anxious version” of herself.

Chelsea says that microdosing allows her to “stay fully present” and is the only tool that helps her focus her busy mind, but the biggest shift was in her anxiety. “For over fifteen years, I had severe anxiety, but through microdosing, I could sit with and deliberate my fears. I now rarely suffer with it, and if I do, it’s fleeting,” she shares.

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