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Moms who microdose ‘magic’ mushrooms say the psychedelic made them better parents


Moms around the world are microdosing magic mushrooms to become better parents.

Natalie from Oakland, CA is one of many moms who’ve turned to microdoing to cope with postpartum depression. She was suffering so much that she was worried she’d harm her newborn, which made her suicidal.

Since microdosing 100mg of mushrooms daily for one month, she’s been able to go off antidepressants and ADHD medications. She says she feels more stable than ever and can now face motherhood with a sense of calm.

“Microdosing let me know who I really am…I’m able to parent myself and my daughter in a whole different way, because when I microdose, I know I’ve got this”, Natalie said in an interview with Insider.