Johns Hopkins study found that psilocybin is more effective at treating nicotine addiction than the leading drug, with 80% quitting after single dose

More Than A Trip: Psychedelic Drugs Being Used To Help People Quit Smoking In Just One Dose

A study at Johns Hopkins Behavioral Biology Research Center found that 80% of participants were able to quit smoking for at least six months after taking one dose of psilocybin, including one participant who was a heavy smoker for over 25 years. This suggests that psilocybin therapy is over twice as effective as the leading smoking cessation drug, varenicline, which has a 35% success rate after six months. Dr. Albert Garcia-Romeu explains that psilocybin is effective for treating addiction because it changes the way the brain makes connections, which can “interrupt old patterns, well-worn neuro pathways, or habits.”

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