Creating billions of drugs with AI

Mydecine Reports Successful Synthesis of Novel Tryptamine Improving the Pharmaceutical Properties of Psilocin

Using an AI drug discovery program, Mydecine (MYCO) successfully added a novel psilocin analogue with improved delivery and stability to its pipeline.

The AI technology synthesizes billions of drug candidates and filters them based on psychedelic-related targets such as how they bind to receptors.

Mydecine also filed a patent for nanoemulsion technology that can:

  • help the company develop compounds inspired by traditional plant medicines such as reishi and cordyceps mushrooms
  • improve control in delivery, which is critical in microdosing and customizing dosages
  • advance development of over-the-counter consumer products

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Mydecine launches new AI drug discovery program

Mydecine Unveils Artificial Intelligence Drug Discovery Program

Mydecine Innovations Group (MYCO) partnered with the University of Alberta to launch a new AI drug discovery program that will make their research more efficient. The in-silico program uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to “rapidly screen hundreds of thousands of new molecules without the need to produce them, allowing Mydecine to focus on the strongest potential therapeutics”.

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