Microdosing research expands worldwide!

Wake Network, Inc. Receives Certificate of Drug Registration for Microdose Formulation in Jamaica

Yesterday, Wake Network Inc received a Certificate of Drug Registration from the Jamaican Ministry of Health & Wellness for PSIL428, its microdose formulation made from natural psilocybin.

The certification allows the company to run clinical trials on anxiety and depression and makes PSIL429 available to clinics and academic institutions across the globe. Any country with a special access program can request to import the legal formulation for patient use.

In other microdosing news, MindBio Therapeutics, a subsidiary of Blackhawk Growth Corp. (BLR), is partnering with Trip Pharma’s LeichtMind clinic to launch microdosing clinical trials in Canada!

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Psychedelic “smart shops” to open in Jamaica

Psychedelic Mushroom Shops Reach The Americas

Many psychedelic companies are being drawn to Jamaica, one of the only countries where it’s legal to cultivate, extract, and sell psilocybin mushrooms. Silo Wellness is partnering with Mushe Inc. to open the first “smart shop” in the Western hemisphere, a psychedelic mushroom retail outlet that will sell functional and psychedelic mushrooms in various forms to locals and tourists.

Psyence Group formally began operations in Jamaica under its wholly owned subsidiary, Psyence Jamaica Ltd., which will focus on psilocybin treatment for patients in palliative care. To take on the new market, Psyence Jamaica is in collaboration with LONACAS Inc., a Jamaican clinical research company, and MycoMeditations, a “psilocybin wellness destination experience” in Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

Wake Network Inc. received clearance to conduct a “first-of-its-kind” clinical trial at a Jamaican university, which will study the effect of microdosing on depression and anxiety.

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