The most intense psychedelic?

ThField Trip Receives Notice of Allowance for US Patent Application Covering FT-104 (Isoprocin Glutarate), its Novel Psychedelic Molecule in Development

“​​I truly doubt that there is another psychedelic drug, anywhere, that can match [4-HO-DiPT] for speed, intensity, brevity, and sensitive to dose, at least one that is active orally.”

Field Trip Health’s (FTRP) first novel compound could produce the most intense experience of any oral psychedelic. 

It’s a more stable and soluble version of 4-HO-DiPT — a drug that induces an extremely powerful experience lasting 2-3 hours, according to Alexander Shulgin, the chemist who created it.

Considering he’s experimented with 55 different psychedelics, which he reviewed in “Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved,” we’ll take his word for it. 

Field Trip expects to receive a patent for the formulation next month. 

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