Can shrooms help with weight loss?

Expert: Psilocybin Treatment May Support Patients With Obesity Who Have Tried Everything, Need Further Support

Experts think magic mushrooms could be the key to creating healthier habits.

In pre-clinical trials, both low and high doses of psilocybin caused rats to gain less weight when given unlimited access to food. A consultant to NeonMind Inc. (NEON) stated that psilocybin can cause a decrease in hunger by targeting 5-HT2C receptors and can give patients a sense of well-being. He explains that using psilocybin to enhance psychotherapy may be able to instill long lasting behaviour changes such as improved diet and increased exercise.

This week, NeonMind completed an integrated drug development plan for NEO-001, its high dose psilocybin treatment for weight management, which is expected to be researched in a Phase 1/2 proof-of-concept study in early 2022.

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