World’s first DMT trial for depression

World’s First clinical trial for DMT-assisted therapy in Major Depressive Disorder Shows Consistent Quality of Psychedelic Response in Phase I

Small Pharma (DMT) successfully completed a phase I trial on the safety of DMT in preparation for a phase II trial on depression. Researchers discovered that:

  • Most of the 24 patients described the experience as pleasurable and not too challenging (even though no one had tried psychedelics before)
  • Although there were 20 adverse events (85% mild, 15% moderate, and 0% severe), no patient regretted participating
  • The trip lasted 20 minutes, and DMT was nearly undetectable in the blood after 60 minutes
  • For three months following the dose, there were no significant negative effects on anxiety or well-being

Phase II results are expected in the first half of this year, which will reveal how one dose compares to two doses in treating depression.

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