Replace alcohol with this legal psychedelic drink

Psychedelic Water is a mildly psychoactive drink made with kava root, a herb used by Pacific Islanders in ceremonies for relaxation. The mood-boosting effect makes it the ideal replacement for alcohol. 

Psychedelic Water is having a buy one get one free sale to celebrate the launch of a new flavour – Prickly Pear!

Even multi-platinum producer Murda Beatz is a fan. “I want something that will make me feel good & expand my creativity; Psychedelic Water does exactly that,” he says.

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46 Replies to “Replace alcohol with this legal psychedelic drink”

  1. I’d like to take advantage of your buy one get one free offer. Could you send me instructions on how to get the offer?

    Thanks so much!

  2. I too have tried to find a code for the buy one get one free. I’m interested and excited to try these! Thanks

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