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Magic Mushroom Stores Are Open in Canada — But They’re Still Illegal

Mushroom dispensaries are rapidly popping up across Vancouver…even though they’re still illegal.

The Coca Leaf Cafe & Mushroom Dispensary is one of a handful of dispensaries that opened in the city this year. Customers can purchase high and low doses of psilocybin mushrooms, growing kits, peyote (a psychedelic cactus), kratom (a tropical tree with an opioid-like effect), and coca leaf products (the plant used to make cocaine).

Earlier this year, Vancouver applied to decriminalize the possession of 15 different drugs including psilocybin. Even though the legislation has yet to be passed, the dispensary owner says he’s not overly worried about law enforcement.

Even Paul Lewin, a Toronto lawyer who’s working with TheraPsil to improve Health Canada’s exemption process, thinks the dispensary owner would have a strong case if he did get busted.

“We have enough research. If we fought this in court, we would win,” Lewin said. “We could clearly establish that it’s safe and that it is effective.”

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