California decrim bill back in action with 50% chance of passing

Senator Wiener To Push Again For Decriminalization of Possession of Psychedelic Drugs

Senator Scott Wiener announced that he is once again pushing for a psychedelic decriminalization bill in California after halting it last year, and believes it has a 50/50 chance of being passed.

To generate support, veterans are meeting with Assembly members and changes may be made to possession limits and types of psychedelics included. Read more…

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Try psychedelic therapy at home in these states

Origin Therapeutics Portfolio Company TripSitter Expands to Eight Additional States

TripSitter Clinic Corp. now offers at-home ketamine therapy in 10 states!

The company, which is part of Origin Therapeutics’ portfolio, expanded its services to eight new states: Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Washington, Florida, New York, Ohio, and Virginia, in addition to California and Illinois.

Patients can receive a prescription for oral ketamine after a virtual consultation a physician. They can then take the medication at home with virtual guidance, followed by therapy sessions.

Another company, My Ketamine Home, offers similar services in Texas, Florida, and California.

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Psychedelic farmer’s markets coming to Cali!

Oakland Psychedelics Activists Launch Initiative To Legalize Community-Based Sales With Support From City Council

Oakland could legalize the sale of psychedelics as early as next year!

The city decriminalized the use and cultivation of many entheogens back in 2019, and now, activists are building on their progress with a “Go Local” Legislative Initiative. The initiative would create a community-based model to allow people to legally purchase natural psychedelics like psilocybin and ayahuasca from local producers.

The initiative, which is backed by a key City Council member, will gather research on how best to implement the model over the next year and will introduce a legislation in the summer of 2022.

Some possible reforms being considered include allowing commercial agriculture in residential zones, creating “sacred plant adult farmer’s market permits”, and allowing cannabis dispensaries with 100% local ownership to sell entheogens, among may others. All products would have to be grown, produced, and tested locally.

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Another win for California

Third California City Moves To Decriminalize Psychedelics As Reform Movement Expands

With a unanimous vote, Arata became the third city in California to decriminalize psychedelics!

The possession, cultivation and distributions of entheogens including psilocybin and ayahuasca will become the city’s lowest law enforcement priority, but commercial sale will remain illegal.

The measure represents “a pivotal point in history by reclaiming our sovereign right to explore our consciousness, and to choose the path of healing that we see best fit for ourselves,” according to an organizer of the activist group Decriminalize Nature Humboldt.

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New ways to consume drugs!

Cannabis Global Launches Research Program for Psychedelics Infusions for Foods and Beverages

Will shroom edibles and drinks be the next big thing in Cali?

Cannabis Global Inc. (CBGL) is developing methods to infuse psilocybin and psilocin, as well as other compounds found in psychedelic mushrooms, into foods and beverages.

The LA-based company has initiated research into infusion methods to improve bioavailability of the compounds and to mask the bitter flavour of the mushrooms. The company has already filed 9 patent applications for its cannabinoid infusion technologies including polymeric nanoparticle and emulsion infusions, which it hopes to leverage for this new research program.

With the state of California on track to have a psilocybin legalization measure on the 2022 ballot, the program could potentially serve a large marketplace in the near future.

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Go sign this petition!

California Activists Cleared To Collect Signatures For Psilocybin Legalization Ballot Initiative

A California activist group, Decriminalize California, is working to get a psilocybin legalization measure on the 2022 ballot, and they’re making progress!

The measure, called the California Psilocybin Initiative, would allow the possession, use, cultivation, social sharing, and even the retail sale of psilocybin.

This week, the group was  cleared to begin collecting signatures for the initiative- they’ll need 623,212 registered voters to sign the petition within 180 days. Luckily, 2,800 people have already volunteered to help with the process.

“I feel pretty damn good honestly [about the prospects of the initiative]. People are so psyched for psychedelics,” said the director of the campaign.

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Slow and steady wins the race

California Bill To Legalize Psychedelics Possession Put On Pause Until 2022

California’s psychedelics decriminalization bill, SB519, has been put on hold until 2022, but it may be for the best.

The bill has already been approved by the Senate and 2 of 3 assembly committees, but has now been made into a two-year bill, meaning it won’t advance to the floor until next year.

Senator Scott Wiener (D), the bill’s sponsor, decided put things on pause as more time is needed to build the case for decriminalization and generate support.

“Now that we have more time, I’m optimistic through education and member engagement we can pass this critical legislation next year,” he explained.

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0.0007% of Californians are against psychedelics

Take Action Now to Stop Psychedelics from Becoming Lawful in California

California’s bill that would decriminalize psychedelics, SB519, has been gaining some traction in recent weeks, and Karens are getting triggered.

The Citizens Commission On Human Rights, a non-profit established by the Church of Scientology, has started a petition to defeat the bill, claiming that it’s “very dangerous”.

Don’t worry, only 289 people have signed the petition.

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You (probably) won’t get arrested for tripping in these cities ;)

Psychedelics Decriminalization Advancing In Three More Cities, Spanning From Coast To Coast

Cities across the US are taking the first step toward legalizing psychedelics –  deprioritization.

Under state and federal laws, it is still illegal to use, possess, transport, or cultivate entheogenic drugs like psilocybin mushrooms, but many cities are passing resolutions to make investigating these cases the lowest priority of law enforcement.

So far, psilocybin is deprioritized in Denver, Oakland, Santa Cruz, Washington DC, Ann Arbor, Washtenaw County, Somerville, Cambridge, and Northampton. Easthampton, Massachusetts; Grand Rapids, Michigan; and Arcata, California will likely be the next to join the list as early as this fall.

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A new approach to legalization in California

California Activists File Psilocybin Legalization Ballot Measure As Legislature Advances Broader Psychedelics Bill

An activist group called Decriminalize California is working to speed up the legalization of magic mushrooms.

The group submitted a new initiative called the California Psilocybin Initiative, which would legalize the possession, cultivation, retail sale, and social sharing of psilocybin mushrooms for adults 21 and over. If the Office of the Attorney General accepts the measure, the group would have 180 days to collect 623,212 signatures from registered voters for the initiative to be added to the 2022 ballot. While California’s SB519 bill would decriminalize several psychedelic drugs, this initiative takes a new approach by focusing solely on psilocybin.

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