A letter to the DEA

Bipartisan Congressional Lawmakers Tell DEA To Allow Psilocybin Treatment For Terminal Patients

Representatives from seven US states (Oregon, Nebraska, Michigan, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania) have submitted a letter urging the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) to allow terminally-ill patients access to psilocybin treatments. The lawmakers believe that psilocybin qualifies as an investigational drug and should therefore be accessible through Right to Try laws.

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Support for first responders

GOP Pennsylvania Lawmaker Files Psilocybin Research Bill For Veterans And First Responders

The push for psilocybin research is gaining traction in Pennsylvania.

Twenty one lawmakers from both parties sponsored a bill called the Public Heath Benefits of Psilocybin Act, which would set up a research framework to optimize psilocybin’s public health benefits. Studies focused on veterans, retired first responders, and their families would be prioritized.

“A growing body of research provides a reason for hope that psilocybin, administered in a controlled setting, will be the most effective tool at our disposal to combat the suicide, opioid and overall mental health crisis burdening the Commonwealth,” the group wrote to colleagues.

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Revolutionizing all of healthcare?

This West Philly Doctor Says Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Could Change Your Life

Psychedelic therapy clinics continue to pop up across North America.

Last week, a nonprofit organization called SoundMind Center officially opened in West Philadelphia, which will be dedicated to psychedelic research, treatment, and therapist training.

On Tuesday, another clinic called Innerbloom Healing Arts opened in Charleston, South Carolina. Both clinics currently offer ketamine-assisted therapy with plans to offer MDMA and psilocybin therapy as soon as possible.

“Psychedelics are not only going to revolutionize mental health. They have the ability to revolutionize all of healthcare. Changing the way we think about the relationship between mind and body. And health and disease”, said Dr. Hannah McLane, SoundMind’s founder.